Water ski and wakeboard

Water-skiing and wakeboarding are the ideal sports for those who enjoy adventure. In addition to being outdoor activities, they have great benefits for body and mind, such as improving physical endurance and balance, releasing tension and improving concentration. Ski and wakeboard activities take place on the River Douro, in a calm zone without currents, which makes this the perfect place for these sports.

Stand up paddle

SUP is now quite fashionable all over the world. This sport is ideal for people of all ages, regardless of physical condition. It is an aerobic and complete sport and offers all the benefits of direct contact with nature. Luckily we are in a privileged area where the River Douro and its tributaries allow us to explore incredible landscapes. We organize SUP tours during which you will get to know the river in detail in a pleasant and fun way.

Private boat trips

Private boat trips in the River Douro and its tributaries. Perfect for those who want to explore the river without the typical tourist packages. You can have a quiet bath in the middle of nature and enjoy the calm waters.

Walks and Guides (Pedestrian Routes)

Close to the Out of Town Hostel, you can visit the Arouca Geopark, a very special place, protected by UNESCO in view of its geological interest. There you can find excellent conditions for walking. The routes are of varying levels of difficulty but all have a breathtaking landscape. On some of them you can see waterfalls or even a magical village lost in the middle of nowhere.